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Team One

Team Whirlwind

We are a team of five enthusiastic engineers seeking to do something innovative with Automotive Internet of Things (IoT). We are developing a way to automate cars with an extremely cheap solution.

Our team’s primary focus is on developing a public-facing product featuring a combination of high tech hardware and firmware with cloud solutions. Our product is the perfect combination of precise hardware and high tech software.

Team Whirlwind – TransitIQ – Final Blog and The End

2 months ago

Summary: TransitIQ deals with the security of cars. This is not just More »

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Team Two

DIY Smarthomes for Aging-in-Place
Team Geras

Our goal is to build a proof-of-concept Internet of Things (IoT) system tailored to the needs of those who wish to prolong independent living. Most importantly, we want to create something that is highly secure and easily manageable.

The system will include selected sensing capabilities that could help detect abnormal events, in addition to capabilities like speech recognition and synthesis for use in the design of interventions like physical or cognitive exercise programs.

Team Geras Final Report: 4 Platforms, 4 Languages, 8 Weeks, 1 Programmer

2 months ago

We knew coming into this that our goals were wildly ambitious.   More »

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Team Three

Cognitive Healthcare System for Rural Areas
Team Iot Vaidya

An IoT Medic which will help to bridge the gap between remote areas and doctors . "Vaidya" is the Hindi translation for Doctor.

This is a standalone solution meant specifically for people living in remote places where there is shortage of doctors.

It covers all the necessary steps right from the basic diagnosis to a cure recommendation.

Ultimate Coder Challenge : IOT VAIDYA – Week 8 Update 3 – Final Demo Video and Signing Off!

2 months ago

Hello everyone ! We have finished with our prototype and the time More »

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Team Four

Team Proximarket

Proximarket designs easy to install industrial network solutions using proximity technology in new configurations. Extending customer loyalty concepts, Proximarket deploys beacon transmitters on consumer carried shopping carts while mounting receiver circuits on store shelves.

Proximarket's Smartcart aims to revolutionize retail management of brick and mortar stores by adding value to existing shopping experiences, easily integrating proximity features at low cost.

Smartcart eight week state

2 months ago

Current status Since last week, we completed NodeJS NPM noble tests running More »

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Team Five

Team Agro Hackers

Our team name "Agro Hackers" means deep understanding of farming for transformation.

We want to tailor farming concepts to leverage the benefits of present-day technology in order to make farming easy. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), we believe that the next generation of farming, and the agricultural industry as a whole, can be transformed to enable farmers to contend with the enormous challenges they face.

FarmConnect – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1 month ago

Hello friends!!! After submission of our final demo Agrohackers FarmConnect – Demo, More »

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Chris Maunder
Co-founder, Code Project
Ron Evans
Software Developer, The Hybrid Group
Grace Metri
IoT Community Evangelists, Intel
Sisinty Patra
IoT Software Engineer, Intel
Ramesh Peri
Senior Principal Engineer, Intel
Raghavendra Ural
Evangelists, Developer Relations, Intel

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